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The BIDC is seeking technical consultants to support product development in various sectors as part of “Create”, a new product development and product extension initiative under its Special Technical Assistance Programme (STAP).
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    BIDC continues systematic ash fall clean-up across estates.
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    Do not use HVAC systems (AC ventilation) until further notice, owing to ash fall conditions.
  • Alerts & Notifications
    BIDC-office visits suspended until further notice owing to ash fall.
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    Ghana’s economy is among Africa’s 10 best performing economies. Ghana offers Barbados an attractive destination for select products and services.
  • Research, Market Reports
    Generating foreign exchange is critical to Barbados’ economic recovery. Expanding exports in existing markets like Belize will assist in this effort. Belize offers potential opportunities given its membership of the Caribbean Community, proximity to the United States, English speaking population and ability to attract tourists.
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    Juliana shares her experience at Forest Row School of Ceramics. Listen to what she has to say.
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    This Market Insight Report provides a profile of Barbados’ Paper Products, Printing and Publishing sector in 2019. It also provides an outlook and recommendations for the sector’s continued development in the face of a dynamic and rapidly changing global environment.
  • Research, Sector Reports
    The rise in size-inclusive fashion and active wear are trends to watch closely. Social consciousness and sustainability have become very important areas that customers pay attention to before making buying choices, and changing attitudes to “fast fashion” and ownership are developments that local garment makers need to consider as they try to keep their heads above water.
BIDC continues systematic ash fall clean-up across estates.
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Call for Proposals - Bloom Cleantech Cluster
UNIDO Call for Proposals: Mid-Term Project Review (MTR)
Call for Proposals - Bloom Cleantech Cluster
UNIDO Call for Proposals - Development of Clean Tech Industry Report and Tracking Framework
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The BIDC is a solutions-oriented organization working to build bold, innovative, dynamic and creative enterprises.

An agency of the Barbados Government, our mandate is to contribute to the diversification and growth of the economy through new investment, increased exports and employment creation by fostering the development of competitive business enterprises.