BMEX 2015

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

The BIDC is this year facilitating the participation of seven emerging companies in BMEX, all clients of its Entrepreneurial Development Division:  Kalene Designs, garment producers; Red Clay pottery, clay craft specialists; Country Style Woodwork Inc, manufacturers of wooden products; Trusted Care Providers Inc, which offers nanny services as well as care of the elderly; Meadows in the Sun, manufacturers of wine; Craftworks Designs, which specializes in the design and production of wooden craft  and the Author of the Pilly the Pelican Book Series.  The BIDC has been assisting these companies by ensuring that their product and packaging design as well as promotional materials are market ready and that their designated exhibition spaces are geared to give them stand-out-in the crowd status.

BIDC Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sonja Trotman, in commenting on the Corporation’s participation in BMEX 2015 said “the BIDC welcomes the opportunity to partner with the Barbados Manufacturers Association and other sponsors to make this year's exhibition an outstanding success. It not only fits perfectly in line with our efforts to showcase the home-grown offerings of local companies, but serves as a reminder that the manufacturing sector remains a key driver of economic activity.

We are particularly excited about the inclusion of the new product showcase segment once again, as we are also keen to develop a new cadre of entrepreneurs and aid them in achieving sustainability, arriving at solutions and getting on the growth path. Our Design Unit has already also been aiding companies participating in the New Product Showcase with the development of their corporate identity portfolios, product labelling and packaging.”


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