Employee of the Year and Quarter, Samuel Harrison (left) and receiving his Award from Dwaine Stuart, Director, Finance and Properties.

On July 5, 2019 at Bagnall’s Point Gallery, Pelican Centre, the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation held its Inaugural Spotlight Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony followed efforts in 2017 to revise the Corporation’s previous Rewards and Recognition Programme.  Aptly called the Spotlight Awards, the new programme came into effect in April 2018.  Through the Programme, the Corporation aims to:

  • Increase employee engagement through the recognition and reward of excellent performance
  • Augment performance, productivity and efficiency by creating an environment that is focused on the achievement of goals, where employees want to do the best job possible
  • Encourage and emphasize behaviours and attitudes that support the organizational strategy and desired outcomes
  • Build a culture of consistency in recognition

There are a number of categories for Reward and Recognition which can be awarded throughout the year ranging from Instant Awards, Departmental Awards and Corporation Wide Awards. 

The ceremony highlighted the awardees for April 2018 – March 2019 and twenty-seven (27) awardees were presented.

They are listed in the categories below with the following employees recognized for their excellent service:

  • CEO’s Team Award – Accounts Department (from left Junette Skeete, Renese Forde, Julianne Walrond, Kerry Hope (receiving Award from Chairman of the BIDC, John Rocheford), Sheraldine Brathwaite, Jai Skeete, Kimberley Skeete, Ruth Rollock, Brenda Savoury .  Missing are Andrea Burgess and Carmel Lyder)
  • CEO’s Team Award – Design Department (Phillip Marshall, Stella Hackett, Paul Massiah and Debbie Estwick)
  • Departmental Awardees (from left Michael Williams, Brenda Savoury, Julianne Walrond, Terry Gamble, and Ruth Rollock)
  • Instant Awardees (from left Edward Holder, Ronald Stevenson, Renese Forde, Terry Gamble, Adrian Jordan.  Missing is Jason Cadogan)
  • Perfect Attendance Awardees (from left Michael Williams, Joan King, Terry Gamble, Janice Forte, Neville Rice, Angela Bascombe, Samuel Harrison, and Ryan Nurse)
  • Service Exellence Awardees (from left Cheryl Savoury, Maylene Benskin, and Lydia McClean)
  • Manager of the Year (Kerry Hope)
  • Runner Up - Employee of the Year (Marc Ifill)
  • Employee of the Year and Quarter (Samuel Harrison)
Thursday, October 17, 2019