New Shared Use Facility in the Works

ITC meets with BIDC

Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), Sonja Trotman, welcomed the Executive Director of the International Trade Center (ITC),  Arancha González, to the BIDC for a courtesy visit during the ITC Head’s recent visit to Barbados.  Ms. González was on a mission to meet with government officials and business leaders to scope out greater opportunities for strategic collaboration on projects and programmes aimed at fostering closer trade relations. 


Mrs. Trotman expressed her deep appreciation to the ITC for, inter alia, the technical support which that trade agency had provided, through funding under the CSME standby Facility from the Caribbean Development Bank, to establish a shared use facility for the condiments sector of Barbados.  This facility will bring new efficiencies and international food safety standards to the sector, thereby increasing opportunities for deeper penetration into mainstream markets. 

Ms. González, reiterated the ITC’s support for such initiatives aimed at enabling small enterprises to take their products and services globally.  She noted that it was not size that determined a country’s, nor even an enterprises’ success, but rather the speed and agility by which it was able to respond to market demands.  The need to be agile and responsive to opportunities to adapt and leverage resources where they were available, were the factors which helped businesses thrive and survive in this hyper competitive global market. 

The shared-use facility, which will cater to both established and new entrants into the food and Beverage sector, is scheduled to be rolled out in 2019.

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