New CEO Takes Charge

Friday, February 20th, 2015

The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation has a new Chief Executive Officer.

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Hon. Donville Inniss, announced the appointment of Mrs. Sonja .S. Trotman as the first female executive to lead the organization.

Mrs. Trotman, who previously served in several capacities at the BIDC, including Manager and Director of Research and Director of Export Development and Promotion, takes up the mantle at a time when a new thrust aimed at improving the operational and financial efficiencies of the Corporation is being introduced. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post, with specialist capabilities in export promotion, research, operational and strategic management.

The CEO revealed that in the coming months, efforts will also be intensified to assist with the development of more internationally competitive businesses and to enable a thriving and sustainable export sector.

Mrs. Trotman noted too that the Corporation will be seeking to establish a more customer-centric operating model, which should also see an enhancement in the methods of service delivery and programmes designed to benefit our clients.

“Our aim is to be more customer and quality focused, whilst also becoming more income, cost and value-added conscious. As part of that effort, we will also seek to build on our strategic relationships with counterpart agencies and key stakeholders to ensure high quality outcomes and relevant social and economic impacts”, she said.


Mr. Stephen Harris (not verified)

Allow me to say congrats to your new post as CEO of this establishment.
I am aware that in these times of technology, speaking face to face are fast becoming a thing of the pass. However, i will still try the old fashion way, by requesting an audience with you at your earliest convenience.
The purpose for this meeting is to tap into your wealth of expertise in a religious matter.
Thanks for your speedy response.
Yours Truly
Rev. Stephen Harris.


Mr. Harris:

Thank you for visiting our website.

The CEO has expressed an interest in communicating with you. Unfortunately you have not provided us with any contact information.

You can forward your contact information to email

Best regards.

Sylvia Taitt

Dennis Strong CMC (not verified)

I am particularly encouraged by your emphasis on customer satisfaction, value-added outcomes and developing relationships with affected stakeholders.
There are many challenges contained within those aspirations. A committed leader is a positive first step.

God bless.
Dennis Strong CMC

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