Volcanic Ash Product Challenge

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Reusing volcanic ash from the La Soufriere eruption, what new or improved products would you create?

What equipment, machinery or technology product would you create or utilise to clean up volcanic ash?

This Challenge is broken into 2 parts: a Social Media Challenge and a Product Challenge, each with 
their own prizes.  

Post a photo of your idea in response to Challenge One or Challenge Two using the hashtags #ExportBarbados and #EBAshChallenge1 or #EBAshChallenge2 depending on the challenge to which your photo is related. 
​​​​​​​The Social Media Challenge is open to everyone.

Write a proposal, 200-500 words, identifying:

  • Your product, project, or solution proposal
  • The problem it solves
  • Any uniqueness to your solution
  • How your solution can be implemented within 12 months  
  • A 4-minute (maximum) video explaining your idea and process

OPTIONAL  You may add 1-3 visuals to illustrate your solution.

Submissions should not exceed 5MBs. 

Also, win access to BIDC’s suite of export business development services valued at over $15,000

Please email your submission to bidc@bidc.org with the title
Volcanic Ash Product Challenge. Your submissions should include your name, email address, contact number, and your 200-500 word proposal.

The Product Challenge is perfect if you want to follow through on your idea to make it into a real product that is sustainable, scalable, marketable, and could be exported.

Our panel of judges include experts in industrial development, innovation and technology, design, international standards and business start-ups. They will lend their expertise in judging your submissions.

This challenge is open to all Barbadian nationals of any age, level of education, or expertise. Address real problems that impact all of us. Move your concept from an idea to a creation that can be protected as your Intellectual Property.

Export Barbados is a campaign of The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation. The BIDC aims to facilitate innovation for export development and promotion. Our aim is to promote our local talent and celebrate their creations.