Since these are overseas departments of France, goods can be shipped to these markets either under LOMÉ IV or the GSP Scheme.

  • COMMERCIAL INVOICE - Three (3) copies are required.

All charges should be quoted on a C.I.F. basis.  Even though documents completed in the French language is preferred, English is also accepted.  Proof of originating status for products not accompanied by a Certificate of Origin should be shown by the following declaration typed at the bottom of the Commercial Invoice.

“Nous certifions que les merchandises faisant l’objet de cette fourniture sont de fabrication Barbadienne et que la valeur susmentioneé est juste et conforme à nos écritures”.


“We certify that the goods to which this invoice relates are of Barbadian origin and that the value stated is correct and in accordance with our books”.

  • CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN - When required, three (3) copies.  For goods claiming GSP treatment, the Certificate of Origin Form A.  For goods meeting the requirements of LOMÉ, the EUR 1 Movement Certificate is used.
  • PRO FORMA INVOICE - May be requested by the importer prior to shipment.
  •  BILL OF LADING OR AIR WAYBILL - Required.  However, there are no regulations spscifying the form or number of such documents required for any particular shipment.
  • PACKING LIST - Optional


Health Certificate: Importation of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, sea urchins, and sea squirts; marine mammals; turtles and frogs; and preparations, fats, oils, and extracts of these marine animals is subject to satisfactory health inspection and to submission of a health certificate drawn up in the language of the Country of Origin and in French.

Two types of health certificates are applicable - one for all fresh, chilled, or frozen products; and the other for salted, dried or smoked products and preparations, fats, and oils of fish, etc.  The Certificate of Health should be issued by the competent authority in the Country of Origin.  In addition, oysters, mussels and other shellfish that can be eaten raw as well as sea urchins and sea squirts require a Certificate of Hygienic Origin when imported for immediate consumption.

Sanitary Certificate:  Imports of animals and animal products must be covered by a sanitary certificate; plant imports require a phytosanitary certificate.  Fresh fruit must be covered by a certificate of quality and a declaration that the fruit is free from San Jose scale.