• COMMERCIAL INVOICE - Three (3) copies required.  When an import licence is required, the licence number should appear on the invoice.  
  • CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN - Three (3) copies required.  For goods claiming preferential treatment, the Certificate of Origin Form A is required for GSP shipments and the EUR 1 Movement Certificate for goods being shipped under the LOMÉ Agreement.
  • PRO FORMA INVOICE - May be requested by the importer.
  • BILL OF LADING OR AIR WAYBILL - An original is required.  The consignee needs this to take possession of the goods.
  • PACKING LIST - Not mandatory.

Sanitary Certificate:  A health certificate signed by the official veterinary surgeon of the Country of Origin is required for importation of live animals of the bovine species, live horses, asses, mules and hinnies, swine, meat, meat products, animal fats, ground bones, blood meal, fertilizers made from animal meal and bonemeal, and poultry used for human consumption.  The importation of fur animals is forbidden.   However, in certain cases a license may be granted by the Veterinary Service, in which case a Certificate of Health from the Country of Origin may be prescribed.  Health certificates also are required for imports of fresh , chilled or frozen meat; meat preparations; broken or mealed bones, artificial fertilizers; and animal feed containing meal of animal bones or blood.

Other Imports - A valid Certificate of Inoculation against rabies is required for imports of dogs and cats.

Note:  Because of the complexity of sanitary and health regulations, exporters should obtain information directly from the importer prior to shipment.

  •      WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS - Metric System.