From Barbados To The World

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Cask Aged Rum Coffee
Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters
Food and Beverage
Dominic Wyndham-Gittens
Business Development Officer
Glendon Ashby
BIDC Support Services & Programmes: 
Special Technical Assistance Programme (STAP), Export Readiness, Accelerate 20/20

Wyndhams started its journey in 1999 as a small Barbadian, family-owned and operated wholesaler and distributor of imported premium espresso coffee, fine teas and specialist equipment from Europe and the USA. Wyndhams has evolved from a wholesale and distribution business, into a team of skilled individuals producing locally roasted, specialty grade coffee under the Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters brand. When co-owner Dominic Wyndham-Gittens wanted to expand the business and its export thrust, he turned to the BIDC for technical assistance. 

Wyndhams Packaging - Soup Bowl, Dawn Patrol, Duppies

Provide technical support to Wyndhams Coffee to further develop its export capabilities.

The impression I got from Dominic was that he was ready. He had all his ducks in a line. So it was very easy for me, from a BIDC perspective, to engage with Dominic and to work with him, because he knew what he wanted.

Glenodn Ashby, BDO

Business Development Officer with the BIDC, Glendon Ashby quickly assessed that Dominic and his team had built a formidable company identity and successful product lines. Emphasis therefore was placed on helping the company reach its goals faster with adequate financing and technical support. Dominic and his team received training and funding through the Special Technical Assistance Programme. He was enrolled in the Export Readiness Programme which allowed him to meet with key consultants. The company was also enrolled in the Accelerate 20/20 programme to further propel the growth of the company.

Great Taste Award Seal - Wyndhams

Equipment was bought and upgraded to assist in the expansion of the company’s capabilities and outputs. Technical processes were also enhanced. Relationships are being strengthened and enhanced with shipping partners to make it, even more, cost-effective to ship outside of Barbados and contacts are being made in international markets to expand the reach of the products.

There is such untapped potential in the international markets and if we can get just a sliver of it, it will see us through this very difficult time. We’re going to secure contracts, we’re going to secure the certifications required and we are very happy to have a partner who is actually on our side.

Dominic Wyndham-Gittens, Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters

Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters - BDO Advice On Developing Winning Brands

BDO Glendon Ashby explains that developing winning brands is key to local companies finding success in regional and international markets. Learn how Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters is building their brand and preparing for further expansion into international markets in this BIDC Success Story.

Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters- Co-owner Dominic Wyndham-Gittens talks about the Rum Barrel Coffee

Co-owner and Director of Coffee at Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Roasters, Dominic Wyndham-Gittens, talks about their popular Rum Barrel Coffee.

From Barbados To The World: Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Coffee Roasters Success Story

In the full-length feature above, learn how BIDC is working with the team at Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Coffee Roasters to elevate Barbados in the world of coffee. Learn about the company’s creative approach to brand development, their award-winning products and how BIDC is assisting them on their journey to even greater success.