BIDC donates tablets to BVTB

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Friday, June 4, 2021

The Barbados Vocational Training Board (BVTB) has received three new Samsung tablets and a renewed commitment to helping young people learn how to export products and skills to the world.

The donation came from the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation. It was coordinated by the BVTB’s Garment Making Demonstrator, Colette Lowe, and Export Barbados’ Denise Lawrence. The devices will be used to support the education of students in the Garment Section of the BVTB’s All Saints Skills & Training Centre in St. Peter

New CEO of the BIDC, Mark Hill said he looks forward to working with the BVTB to ready young talent for the world of export.

“At Export Barbados/BIDC, our focus is on creating value, so we really feel that we are creating value in the lives of these young people. We look forward to creating more value and also helping to build up their ability in the area of information technology, even artificial intelligence and robotics. We are looking at tooling our youth to participate in the global economy on the platforms that are available for them. This is just the beginning of the type of engagement that we look forward to having,” he said.

Lowe meanwhile explained that the tablets put research capabilities into the hands of her students and allowed them to reach out beyond Barbados to learn how to produce work for the global market. She suggested that the donation could even help students develop ideas about cutting edge issues such as the use of robotics within fashion and inspire the creation of concepts and designs they could later export.

BIDC Chairman, John Rocheford, described the donation as “an investment in the educational development of our vocational students and an investment in a future Barbadian workforce that takes pride in industry”.

Referencing data from the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation’s Apparel Sector Report, he said there are various trends that could be of interest to students in the garment making classes specifically.

“An increase in size-inclusive fashion and activewear is a trend to watch closely. Social consciousness and sustainability have become very important areas that global customers pay attention to before making buying choices. Changing attitudes to “fast fashion” and ownership are also developments that local garment makers should consider,” he said.

He urged students to make the most of the technology that was being made available to them.

“Whether you work for or own a local business that designs and produces apparel at a kitchen table, in a maker-studio or in their own private factory, it is my hope that you will be able to say ‘I Export!’,” he said.

BVTB’s Director of Training, Henderson Thompson, said the devices will be put to immediate use.

“We talk about Export Barbados, and it’s not just products and services. We also see at BVTB the need for export skills. This will help us to have a more skilled and competent person to go out there and export their skills and competence to the world. It’s not just exporting the product but exporting the skills and knowledge of our people,” he stressed.