Export Barbados (BIDC) Facilitating Business Through the Provision of Industrial Estates

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Government of Barbados plays an important role in business facilitation by providing industrial estates for businesses to grow and flourish.  Export Barbados (BIDC) is the agency responsible for the management of these estates which forms part of its mandate to diversify and grow the Barbados economy through increased exports of products and services.

Export Barbados (BIDC) is also committed to sustainability and to fostering the development of competitive business enterprises in areas where there is global market demand such as the Fintech industry, the Ocean Economy, the Design Economy, and the Bio-economy (particularly the biotechnology industry).

Within Export Barbados (BIDC), the responsibility for the industrial estates falls to the Quality Infrastructure and Customer Care division. The two officers responsible for this area are Director, Marina Taitt and Manager, Neville Rice, both of whom have been with the organisation for over 7 years and are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Export Barbados (BIDC) owns thirteen real estate sites that have a designation and development plan specifically for the clustering of information technology, manufacturers, distributors, and sometimes their suppliers or service providers on leased or purchased parcels of lands or in available buildings.

The agency currently owns and manages sixty-six industrial buildings, eight craft shop buildings that house twenty-seven craft shop units, and a restaurant. As of June 2021, the total building space managed by the agency was 1,478,246.00 sq. ft.

There are twelve industrial estates with buildings that were developed on lands that originally totaled approximately 159.60 acres (6,952,032.47 sq.ft.) but were reduced because of sales and transfer to the Crown to approximately 139 acres (6,054,840sq. ft). To date seventy-five percent of the lands have been developed.

The agency also owned lands at Colleton, St. Peter formerly designated as the Northern Industrial Estate. The total area of the estate was 13 acres (602,948.44 sq. ft), divided into nine lots. Most of the lots have been sold. The agency has however retained Lot 9, which totals 1.33 acres (57,719.86 sq. ft) for possible future industrial development.

Export Barbados (BIDC) currently manages properties designated for industrial development at thirteen (13) locations across Barbados, namely: - Harbour Industrial Estate, Pelican Industrial Estate, Grazettes Industrial Estate, Pine Industrial Estate, Wildey Industrial Estate, Newton Industrial Estate, Grantley Adams Industrial Estate, Six Roads Industrial Estate, St. Lucy Industrial Estate, Spring Garden Industrial Estate, Newton Business Park, Fontabelle Industrial Estate and Colleton.

Currently, the occupancy rate across all the estates is 81 percent. The Quality Infrastructure and Customer Care division conducts quarterly checks of all the properties and does the necessary maintenance needed for tenants to be productive.

The leadership of this division believes that Export Barbados (BIDC) should be the agency to get businesses firing. The officers act as sounding boards for entrepreneurs, even those who are now interested in getting into business. According to Taitt, “even though the organisation is export-driven, we should be able to help point persons in the direction that they need to go.”  Rice added, “we want persons to know that we at Export Barbados (BIDC) can help them with their export plan. We are open to receiving them at all times.” 

For information about renting space in any of the industrial estates please contact the Quality Infrastructure and Customer Care Division at (246) 427-5350. To apply visit our website at http://www.bidc.org/property-rentals and http://www.bidc.org/forms/factoryspace