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Market Reports
Thursday, March 18, 2021

Ghana and Barbados share common historical and cultural ties that can be the basis for fruitful trade and bilateral relations. The push by the two countries to consolidate the gains made by their leaders in their efforts to strengthen the link between the two countries can find expression in trade, cultural and educational exchanges. Both countries enjoy a growing middle class and steady economic outlook.

The economy of Ghana recorded sustained expansion at an average of 6.5% since 2011 and placed among Africa’s 10 best performing economies.

The Ghanaian retail market for durable and fast-moving consumer goods has been expanding at about 5% annually due to the favourable economic environment, a young population, a growing middle class, an attractive trade regime and increasing connectivity to the world through ICT.

This report explores opportunities for export, trade and investment in order to determine the market potential and possible entry for Barbadian products and services.