From Homemade Soap-maker to Regional Cosmetics Exporter - Imoro

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ImoroFrom Homemade Soap-maker to Regional Cosmetics Exporter - Imoro
Imoro" is a native Caribbean word that speaks to verdant, natural environments
Sunday, November 15, 2020
Spa & Wellness
Portia Doyle
Business Development Officer
Allan Lange
Design Adviser
Debbie Estwick
BIDC Support Services & Programmes: 
BIDC Design Advisory and Design Services, Business Advisory Services, BMEX, Girlfriend’s Expo, Workshops (various), Export Readiness Programme, Trade Mission to St. Lucia

Portia Doyle knew she could create something special with her line of body, home and spa products if she prioritised the use of natural, home-grown ingredients and was mindful of the needs of customers. What she didn’t know was how the right brand strategy, design and visual positioning could capture the attention of people and catapult her brand beyond Barbados.


Strategically re-brand the business and products with the aim of appealing to mass markets beyond Barbados and pursue a business development and export strategy.


Business Development Officer with the BIDC, Allan Lange delved deep into what Portia needed to improve her business strategy, structure and gain more market exposure for her products. Allan brought Design Advisor, Debbie Estwick, on board to help Portia with her brand. Her company initially operated under the name Spa Essentials. However, as Portia herself admitted, the product line was not making a big impact on the market. Portia is a descendant of the Arawak people and the team leaned into her heritage to shape the rebrand. The new company name – “IMORO” is an Arawak word she learned from her relatives, referring to green, verdant, life

Building on her heritage and the new name, Debbie worked with Portia to redesign the entire Imoro brand: from brand pillars and personality, to tone of voice, a logo, signature patterns, packaging and labelling, social media graphics and a full brand identity system that would represent the company as it scaled.


Meanwhile, Allan assisted Portia in developing her strategy, showcasing her revamped product lines at various island trade shows such as Girlfriend Expo and BMEX, and guiding her to additional workshops and opportunities like BIDC’s Export Readiness Programme and a trade mission to St. Lucia.

"Imoro" is a native Caribbean word that speaks to verdant, natural environments. The word captured the client's indigenous Caribbean heritage and referenced her brand values

“It was about finding out where she wanted to go and how she wanted to expand. Once we identified that she wanted to upgrade the packaging and branding, it was Debbie who did excellent work and produced excellence.”

Allan Lange, Business Development Officer, BIDC

"The programmes provided much needed exposure to a wider audience of potential customers who were able to use the products first hand.”

Portia Doyle, owner of IMORO

From being an underrated spa line, IMORO has become one of the widely known spa and beauty lines in Barbados, making products for both men and women. Its products carry a unique brand identity and distinguished packaging for both its budget and luxury lines.


IMORO has achieved exportation status and currently exports products to St. Lucia, British Virgin Islands and Antigua. Its goal within the next five years is for global exportation.

“BIDC has projected us out there and made us well known. We were able to get exposure by being on the radio to promote our business and that is not always affordable to SMEs.”

Portia Doyle, owner of IMORO