From Idea to Enterprise - Artist Made

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Take a sneak peek at the journey of Artist Made with this case study
Monday, October 12, 2020
Artist Made Barbados
Shanika Grimes
Business Development Officer
Sheena Thorne
BIDC Support Services & Programmes: 
BMEX, Technical Training Workshops, Business Development Workshops, Aid to Artisans NY

With tremendous talent and a strong will to succeed, what Shanika Grimes of Artist Made needed was help turning her idea into a thriving enterprise.


BIDC was tasked with helping Shanika Grimes turn her artistic skills into saleable products and services that could be consistently produced to meet market demand.


Shanika was originally creating hand carved mirrors and hand painted pillows. However, those products were very labour intensive and appealed to only a small niche market. Following a consultation, Shanika was advised by then Design Adviser Stella Hackett to consider placing her art on wearable items. This led to Artist Made’s production of hand-painted clutches and tote bags. Shanika received technical training in woodwork and bag construction to improve her technique. She attended business development workshops and worked with the BIDC design team to develop her company logo. With improved product offerings, she participated in local and international trade shows. Under the auspices of the BIDC, Artist Made exhibited at Barbados Horticultural Society Annual Garden and Flower Show, Girlfriend Expo and at BMEX 2016, where the business won Best Booth New Product. In 2017 Artist Made also participated in Aid to Artisans - a project of Creative Learning 501, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC.

Shanika is very dynamic and has the ability to read the market and determine its wants. She is continuously looking for opportunities. She is very personable and connects with her clients.

Sheena T., Business Development Officer, BIDC

Sheena Thorne is a very professional BDO. She takes pride in the successes of the clients. I have seen evidence, through her actions, that she has my best interests at heart and uses her full suite of knowledge to assist.

Shanika G., owner of Artist Made

Artist Made thrived because of all the programmes in which Grimes took part. Artist Made opened its first retail outlet at Mills House, St Thomas and secured a mortgage to construct a studio at Oxnards St James. Services have since been expanded to include camp programmes, training workshops, paint parties and murals.

My training has allowed me to make comprehensive costing and pricing decisions to allow for the growth of business revenue. The logo and branding has allowed for the identity of the business to be clear and recognizable and professional. The constant feedback has kept growth on track and guided me through various challenges that may have otherwise hindered growth.

Shanika G., owner of Artist Made

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