From Passion to Profit

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Kellie Cadogan
Kellie Cadogan
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

With a voice as sweet as sugar cane, jazz singer Kellie Cadogan was inspired to teach others how to improve their own vocal abilities and develop their full singing potential.

When she set out to further establish her brand and expand the offerings at her company, East Point Productions Inc, to include a vocational voice training school, she turned to BIDC for guidance.


Create a business structure and strategic plan for East Point Productions Inc. that would enable the company to market the brand and create year round revenue generating opportunities.


Business Development Officer with the BIDC, Allan Lange developed a business plan with Kellie, combining his business expertise with her passion for music. They created a corporate structure for her company and identified strategic engagement opportunities to help her position her brand within local and regional markets. This saw Kellie participating in Girlfriend’s Expo where she gave participants vocal assessments and marketed her brand through vocal workshop seminars. She also participated in a trade mission to St Lucia, opening a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders in the music and creative industries who attended.


Thanks to the strategies BIDC worked with her to create, Kellie Cadogan’s personal brand is now easily recognizable. East Point Productions Inc receives frequent requests for performances and she has regional clients from as far as Belize who participate in online vocal workshops. Her music can be found on iTunes and cdbaby.

“The assistance given towards my album really helped in creating a platform for Kellie Cadogan’s work to be more visual.”

Kellie Cadogan, jazz performer, CEO of East Point Productions Inc.