Documentation for export can be a complex subject for the unsuspecting and inexperienced exporter.  Many an exporter has found out, much to his dismay, that his exports must be correctly documented in order to ensure speedy clearance from the port of entry.

This handbook is therefore designed to inform exporters from Barbados of the range of documents most commonly used in exporting, the specific documentary requirements of Barbados’ major trading partners and provide instructions for completing the forms.  Information is also provided on the various preferential trade agreements which Barbadian exporters can access and the specific export documentary requirements of each agreement.

This handbook is divided into three sections.

  • Section I contains a description of the documents most commonly used by exporters.

  • Section II provides information on the various preferential trade agreements.

  • Section III provides the documentary requirements of Barbados’ major trading partners which are listed in alphabetical order.  These documents should accompany all shipments irrespective of the value of the shipment, or mode of transportation, unless otherwise stated.  Since the Insurance Certificate is normal commercial practice, it is not mentioned among the documents under the individual countries.

Detailed information on other documentary requirements as they relate to specific products can be obtained from the Library or the Export Promotion Division of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC).

The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) was established with effect from December 01, 1992.  It is the Industrial Development Agency of the Barbados Government, with special responsibility for export promotion and for promoting and facilitating the establishment or expansion of business enterprises in Barbados.

The BIDC also administers the Government’s Incentive Programme for Industry, and provides a variety of free advisory services for companies looking to establish business entities on the island - especially in the areas of Information Processing, Manufacturing, International Business and Financial Services.

Its major functions are:

  • to advise on, promote and facilitate the development of export trade;

  • to encourage and facilitate the establishment and expansion of enterprises to engage in the production of goods and services including small enterprises;

  • to provide technical and other assistance to enterprises engaged in investment, production of goods and services to improve their efficiency and productivity;

  • to foster and promote the development of off-shore financial services; and

  • to promote Barbados as an international business centre and to attract and facilitate foreign investment in the country’s productive sectors.

As a result, the Corporation provides the following services to clients:

  • An information service on the social, political and economic life of the island.

  • Explanation of the Fiscal Incentives Legislation and assistance in preparing applications for benefits under the legislation.

  • Technical assistance for production and managerial improvements.

  • Technical advice on factory erection and location.

  • Provision of factory space on a rent or lease/purchase basis.

  • Assistance in conceptualizing, planning and implementing new ventures.

  • Assistance in co-ordinating joint venture efforts between local and overseas interests.

  • Liaison between investors and appropriate Government and private sector agencies.

  • Consultant to the investor in his initial negotiations with private sector organisations.

  • Assistance in the recruitment and training of staff.

  • Assistance in the preparation of applications for work permits.

  • Assistance with penetrating and developing overseas markets.

  • Liaison between overseas buyers and Barbadan exporters of goods and services.

  • A well-maintained Research Library/Trade and Indsutry Information Centre with over 8,000 publications available to those seeking business opportunities, overseas contacts and related information.

  • A comprehensive programme of assistance for small businesses.

  • A design advisory and assistance service.

The Corporation’s Main Office is located at

            “Pelican House”
            Princess Alice Highway
            P.O.Box 1250
            Barbados, W.I.
            Website: http//