The following documents are commonly used in exporting:

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Application for Certificate of Origin

  • Bill of Lading

  • Air Waybill

  • Pro forma Invoice

  • Packing List

  • Consular Invoice

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Barbados Customs Declaration (C63)

  • Exchange Control Act. CAP.71 Form Ex

The specific document(s) needed for each shipment depends on the requirements of the importing and exporting countries.

The absence of any of the required documents, or their incorrect preparation can create difficulties at the time of shipment, as well as in clearing shipments in the importing country, which in turn could result in delayed payments, or loss of profits due to accrued storage or demurrage charges.  Special care should therefore be taken when preparing these documents so as to avoid such consequences.

The exporter must make sure that:

  1. documents required by the importing country are presented providing all data and information required by both the government and the commercial practices of the country; and
  2. included in each document, is the generally required commercial information.

Brief descriptions of the commonly used export documents are as follows: