Pelican Craft Centre

Whether you’re shopping for a treasured piece of Barbadian craft or on the look out for a taste of Barbadian cuisine, the Pelican Craft Centre is worthy of a visit!

The Centre is a modern facility, the largest of its kind in the Caribbean, dedicated to local arts and crafts.  

The Centre boasts 25 retail shops, 14 workshops, a gallery and annex, a wine bar and bistro, a restaurant and an impressive artist wall.  Together these facilities cover an area of 262,945 sq.ft. Nestled between the Bridgetown Port and the Princess Alice Bus Terminal, the Pelican Craft Centre is easily accessible to all.  

A carnival and parade, the Pelican Dooflicky, is hosted on special occasions and during the peak tourist season. Visitors are encouraged to join the revelers and enjoy Barbadian music, dance and cuisine.

Pelican Trademark

The trademark of the Centre, found on all its packaging and signage, is a reverse silhouette of a brown pelican, the national bird of Barbados. The brown pelican is said to have nested on the small island, known as Pelican Island,  that existed off the coast of Barbados until 1961.  Pelican Island was merged with the mainland to accommodate the extension of the Deep Water Harbour. This development led to the exodus of the pelicans. The memory of Pelican Island has however been kept alive through the naming of the former Pelican Village, and now the Pelican Craft Centre.

Come see what we have to offer!

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